Friday, June 8, 2018

Review: Another Postcard by Elle Christensen

Title: Another Postcard
Author: Elle Christensen
Series: Stone Butterfly Rockstars #1
Publication date: May 16th, 2017
Pages: 334
ISBN: 9781544764566

Synopsis (according to Goodreads):
Brooklynn Hawk is an enigma. Highly sought after for her incredible voice, her talent shines bright in the studio. But a dark past and a secret she holds close to her heart keep her from permanently stepping into the limelight.
Until her favorite band offers her the chance to chase her dreams.

As the lead singer for rock sensation, Stone Butterfly, Levi Matthews is wary of bringing in new talent. But, he has heard just how amazing Brooklynn is and when the need for another singer arises, he's confident that she is the perfect addition.

However, he doesn't count on laying his heart at her feet.

But the world of music can be as dangerous as it is thrilling. Joining Stone Butterfly on tour was hard enough for Brooklynn, but when she finally succumbs to Levi's charms, the rock 'n' roll life turns deadly.

Will Levi and Brooklynn keep their voices and their hearts entwined? Or will the music prove too hard to survive? 

**Can be read as a standalone**

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I received an electronic copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I have always had a soft spot for books involving someone's love of music. Whether it be a rockstar selling out stadiums to a folk songwriter who can only communicate in music notes and melodies to express their feelings, I am always going to hunger to dive into the book the features any of the sort. This book was no exception. I was anxious to also find out some of the secrets that the protagonists may be hiding away within the depths of the pages. 

Brooklynn has more responsibility than she can rightly handle by herself. She has a family life that is less than conventional and a past that haunts her day in and day out. She lets her past and her hindrances dictate every movement she makes so when she decides to do something for herself by stepping in as a backup singing for a popular rock band, Stone Butterfly, she is completely out of her comfort zone. Then there is Levi. The sexy front singer that sets his sights on Brooklynn and dives into trying to charm her out of her steadfast rejections of his advances. When Brooklynn's resolve starts to shake, an outside force steps in to try to shove her back into her quiet existence with absolutely no Levi to light her way.

Levi is the typical womanizing front man before Brooklynn. The moment his eyes meet hers all other women seem to fade into the background. They no longer matter. All that matters is possessing Brooklynn body and soul and absolutely heart. He is willing to be the shoulder she needs, the rock she can't be, and the love of her life if she would only let him. But Brooklynn is hiding something and Levi knows he has to find out what it is or risk never knowing what he could have with Brooklynn.

This story started out so strong. I was firmly engrossed and sucked into Brooklynn and Levi's world. That was until about the middle of the book. The progress seemed to stutter and then grow lax. Things popped up in the plot like that were meant to be a major obstacle but were negotiated easily, or instances where they truly had no rhyme or reason. By the end of the book I was firmly in the 'meh' opinion of the book. If the antagonist wasn't so obvious and there were more problems center around them than just an innocuous item it would have built the suspense and made an edge-of-the-seat read.

In conclusion, I did not dislike the book, but I did not fall in love with it either. It has promise if only reworked a bit.