Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Review: Rush by Gina Gordon

Title: Rush

Author: Gina Gordon

Publication date: May 12th, 2015

Pages: 302

ISBN: 9781101882801

Synopsis (according to Goodreads):
In this edgy, sizzling romance for fans of Monica Murphy and Abbi Glines, a bad boy shows a straitlaced law student how to slow down and savor the good things.

Everly Parker is about to graduate from law school, always busy, and can't stop rushing through life. Her late grandmother left her a bucket list of meaningful, can't-miss experiences, but she hasn't completed a single one. Then searing-hot Max Levin bursts into her world. As a casting director for a porn production company, Max is loaded, cocky, and all wrong for Everly. Still, she's tempted enough to cross the first item off her list: Go out with someone you'd never give the time of day.

Inheriting a porn empire isn't every guy's dream (well, actually, it probably is), but Max isn't complaining. It's just that until he meets Everly, he has no idea what he's been missing. As the pressure mounts to take over the family business, Max can't help wondering what would happen if he chose Everly instead. So far, his life has been a wild race, but only Everly promises the greatest rush of all: love.

I received an electronic copy of this book from the publishers at NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

On a whim to get through the books that have not yet been released, I chose this one. I went into the book completely cold. I hadn't gone back and read the synopsis but simply went off cover appeal. Hunky man, check. Loveswept book, check. Author I have not already been exposed to so I can try someone new out, check check. It had all the makings of a really stellar book.

Everly is a scholarly bookworm who is ruled by her overbearing parents and her drive to follow in her lawyer parents' footsteps. Everything in her life is by the book (literally). She spends every waking moment either preparing for exams or studying the material she would need to remain in the top five percent of her class as graduation nears. She doesn't need any to be led astray from her path.

Enter Max. In the middle of him interviewing her two escort roommates he meets Everly and for the first time finds his body reacting to a woman again. After being in the porn industry for his entire life, it takes a certain type of woman to get his motor running. Everly is not that type but she makes his blood heat either way. When he comes across Everly's bucket list from her grandmother he sets about trying to break her out of her shell and check off some of the items on the list.

What started as simply a much needed distraction for both of them grew into something life changing, but are either of them ready to have all they have ever known turned upside down?

As I stated, I went into the book completely cold and was a bit shocked that the first sentence was about porn. Say what now? It made me curious so I kept reading. I didn't love the book. The sex scenes seemed forced and not at all as romantic as you would expect with two people who feel so strongly for each other. The obstacles that the two had to overcome were definitely not the norm and while that would normally be a plus for me I found it just... odd. The saving grace was I liked Everly's naivety. I liked that she was a bookworm with insecurities like everyone else. But that was the only aspect that really saved the book for me. It was a book that seemed written to shock it's readers but all it did for me was make me uncomfortable.

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