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Cover Reveal with Excerpt & Giveaway: Warrior by Nicole Blanchard @blanchardbooks @indiesagepromo

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Warrior by Nicole Blanchard
Series: First to Fight #1
Publication date: June 9th, 2015

I thought it was just one night.

I knew he was about to leave for a year--no chance for a future.

But our one night together would create memories for a lifetime.

Our paths crossed again, but I had lied, kept a secret from him, one he would never forgive me for.

But my secret was about to be ripped open. Displayed for the world on national news. And I had only one way to repair the damage.

I had to trust the man I lied to.

The man I never got the chance to make a life for.

The only man who could save what we had created together.

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The jacket he used as a makeshift sheet comes loose as he tugs. It caresses the length of my body and I feel it as potently as I did when he first touched me. I lay on my side, turned away from him, but I feel his gaze following the movement of the jacket as it reveals my breasts, the dip of my waist and the flare of my hips. The scratch and scent of leather ratchets up my awareness until I'm nearly trembling in anticipation.

He pauses, studying me for a moment and my breath catches in my throat. Then I hear the rustling of clothes as he shucks the jeans and tee he had been wearing and the rip of a condom wrapper. He pulls my body flush against his and the heat of it feels like a brand. I can't help the moan that escapes my lips even if I tried. His left hand snakes under me to turn my head to his kiss while his right cocks my thigh over his leg.

I can feel the roughness of his fingers and they whisper up and down the length of my leg. They dip around my hip to the source of my wetness and a mewl catches in my throat.

"Did you miss me?" His voice is rough with desire. Desire for me. I'm lightheaded with it as he presses an insistent thumb to the center of my desire. My body answers with a heated flush.

My last coherent thought is that maybe it paid to be bad after all.

About the Author:
Nicole Blanchard lives in Florida with her daughter, and their menagerie of animals. She quit college to chase her own fairy tale that spanned the course of three continents and contained it's fair share of dragons. Now, she owns her own business and pretends to be an adult.

She survives on a diet of too many books and substantial amounts of root bear and slim jims. When not reading, she's lavishing attention on her family or inhaling every episode of Charmed and Sex in the City.